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HGS Autumn Meeting 2019


The Autumn Meeting was another successful event for HGS members and guests alike. Lovely golf courses and decent weather led to a fabulous 2 x days. North Hants was really nice as usual and West Surrey proved to be a "real hit" amongst all attendees. Despite the work taking place on the course it was unanimously regarded as a wonderful golf course and I'm sure there will be future events held there by the Society.

Results from the 2 x days can be found on the Results page of the website.


If any non-members are interested in joining the Horticultural Golf Society, please visit their website at thehorticulturalgolfingsociety.co.uk for further information on the society and its activities and, if you like what you see, contact Merv Foulds, Secretary/Treasurer, at mervfoulds@hotmail.com or call on 07989699380









The Annual NFU v HGS golf match on 22nd October 2019 that this year is being held at East Herts GC is our final event of 2019. We have sufficient members to represent us on this occasion but if anyone wants to put their name forward as a reserve please feel free to let Merv know.

Shortly after this last event the dates for 2020 will be circulated to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend as many days as possible next year.


Contact Merv Foulds, Secretary/Treasurer, at mervfoulds@hotmail.com or call on 07989699380


Our objective is simple:

1. To play the finest golf courses in the UK & Europe   

2.  Have fun with like minded people in our Society


The Horticultural Golfing Society was founded in 1929.

Since then so many events have changed our lives and our golf. There have been wars, changes in how we travel and there have been immense changes in how we contact and communicate with each other, both in business and socially. In golf, our equipment, clothing and buggies to ride on are all so different to 1929. 

Today the HGS still play golf on some of the finest golf courses in the world. We enjoy good company, good food and probably tell the same jokes. We are proud of our past but embrace change and look forward to the future.

If you share our passion for Horticulture & Golf why not contact us and enquire about membership?



The Society was formed in 1929, 75% of the membership coming from the horticultural sector and allied industries and the remaining 25% are friends of those horticultural members. New members must be proposed and seconded by members and must have an official club handicap of 28 or less.There is an annual subscription, currently £30.00 for the 2018 season.The society has a tie sporting the society logo of a red rose.During the year we organize eight fixtures from April through to early November.  One day meetings when we play either 18 or 36 holes. On two occasions during the year we play an afternoon 18holes, then after dinner/bed/breakfast, a morning 18 holes. The UK locations are specially selected to provide high quality and value for money, such as Woodhall Spa, The Berkshire and Walton Heath.  There are ten impressive trophies to be won through the course of the year.  Each year the society organizes a four day ‘away trip’ for members, partners and guests once a year. These venues are far from the usual locations and often abroad, examples are: La Baule-France, Portrush-Ireland and Waterloo-Belgium.        

 If you would like more information please contact our secretary.

Merv Foulds

Tel no Home  01628625353

            Mob    07989699380

   E-Mail: mervfoulds@hotmail.com